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Chrystal Clear Beaches & Scenic Surroundings

From the beach of Imeros, traveling to the east, next to the sea, the traveler has the opportunity to admire different landscapes every season. In spring and autumn, for example, before arriving at the village by the sea called Profitis Ilias, there’s a small aquatic area where you can see a rare bird called Erodios and many other species of strange birds as well. Then you come across the beautiful Thracian open sea and all the clean beaches organized or not, where you can swim. You can also find refreshment stands, taverns and hotels. Every summer Profitis Ilias, Alkiona and Platanitis are full of swimmers, walkers and visitors, long-term or not. The area of Platanitis is characterized by thicker vegetation especially at the two sides of the homonymous stream, which meets the sea.

The Picturesque Port Of S. Charalampos

After the area of Platanitis the road leads to a crossing. The choices are two and whichever you choose the result is equally impressive.The right direction leads to the archeological area of Maroneia and to the small picturesque port of S. Charalampos (5 kms). The small port and its colored surroundings remind us of a painting. The fishing boats in the mole, the imposing red fields all over the place when following the road to kageles, the green land from the edge of the mountain Ismaros to the edge of the port, the green and blue waters create a unique, relaxing and peaceful environment for the visitor who can enjoy them while sitting at the fish taverns, tasting the delicious food. The small port has the ability to accept sailing vessels and crafts.

Imeros beach

The well-organized beach of Imeros with its depthless sea and its golden sandy shore has its own lifeguard and a tourist kiosk. Every summer it is busy with visitors and even in spring the small forest with the pine trees next to the sea is a very famous destination for school excursions.
Arriving at the Imeros beach, you can turn right and visit the beautiful aquatic area of Imeros, located after the church of S. Marina. At that point, the river Filiouris flows into the sea. The aquatic area is appreciated by natural environment lovers as well as by every other visitor. You can observe many different species of the fauna or the flora and especially the impressive birds Flamingos.

Marmaritsa Beach

Kagkeles Beach

A beutiful pebbled beach overlooking Samothrace. Ideal getaway for relaxation and swimm in a crystal clear waters of Tracian Sea.